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Modified Sockets for

MGB Flywheel Bolts

For information only; no longer in production.

The bolts holding the MGB flywheel to the crankshaft have significantly smaller heads than standard 3/4” bolts. (See photo one. Standard 3/4” bolt on left and flywheel bolt on right.) Standard sockets have a tapered lip on the inner edge to help guide the socket over the bolt head. Unfortunately, this does not allow a full engagement on the flywheel bolts and often results in damage to the flywheel bolt heads when attempting to remove them. The solution is to remove this tapered area and allow the socket to completely engage the bolt head. In the past, the hobbyist had to try to remove this lip by grinding or sanding—a difficult process and not one that always left a completely square end on the socket.

I have purchased two grades of sockets and used a lathe and a carbide tool bit to remove the tapered lip on the sockets. The inside and outside edges were then de-burred so they would not have sharp edges to cut the hands. (Photo two shows an unaltered socket and one that has been altered.) I am offering a Stanley brand, 1/2” drive, 3/4” socket and the more expensive Snap-On sockets of the same size. The Stanley brand should be more than adequate for hobbyist use. I have used them with the Campbell-Hausfelt impact wrench with no problems. For the professional mechanic, or the person intending to rebuild a number of engines, the Snap-On socket is available.

  • Modified Sockets - 1/2” drive, 3/4” opening:
  • Stanley
  • Snap-ON

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